£35.00 Competition Fee


For this competition we challenge you to share your architectural visualization style. There are no restrictions regarding the type of representation you present: hand sketches, photomontages, paintings, illustrations, renders, etc…


Spread the competition/post


Spread the competition/post


From the Brunelleschi’s painted perspectives of the 15th century, to today’s hyper-realistic CGI’s, the architectural visualization has always been an important communication tool for the architects.


For this competition we challenge you to share your architectural visualization style. There are no restrictions regarding the type of representation you present: hand sketches, photomontages, paintings, illustrations, renders, collages, etc…

The scale and location are also of your choice.

We ask you to tell a story, to create a narrative and be creative.



You will choose the location.



This competition is open to everyone 18 years and older and it can be developed individually or by teams. Each team can contain a maximum of 4 members.



  • 1st- Prize – £500 + Certificate + Publications on Selected Media
  • 2nd Prize – £200 + Certificate + Publications on Selected Media
  • 3rd Prize – £100 + Certificate + Publications on Selected Media
  • +3 Honourable Mentions -+ Certificate + Publications on Selected Media



  • Early Registration – £25
  • Regular Registration – £35
  • Late Registration – £50

Student discount is 10% upon request.

Referral discount is 25% upon request.

For groups registrations, please contact us for discount request.



Joe Lenton ASICIP ASINWP ASWPP ADPS is a freelance professional advertising photographer and CGI artist.

He is an ambassador for The Societies of Photographers and holds multiple qualifications with them and other photographic societies.

Joe has won numerous international photography awards and his work has been published and exhibited in many countries around the world.

He specialises in product photography and architectural photography but also teaches and judges numerous photographic genres.

His students have gone on to win awards for themselves too. He is based in Norfolk in the UK and works with local, national and international clients.



Born in the Midlands in 1958 Andrew studied Architecture in Manchester following on to postgraduate studies at Oxford Brooks and London South
Bank University.

He ran his own design business as a Chartered Architect. He has been greatly influenced by the effects of social change in post-industrial society. Following his studies in Architecture he went on to study Fine Art in Norwich. His work is centred on innovation, regeneration, sustainability and adaptability.

Among his achievements are: finalist EDP Business Awards for Design and Development (2005), finalist in Creative Industries Awards (2005), Norwich Society, awarded two buildings for best design, New Museum of Contemporary Art and Kings Centre, Norwich (2005), finalist in Creative Industries Awards (2007), finalist in National Health Care Awards London (2007), granted a Fellow of Royal Society of Arts (2012), awarded for services to Architecture, design and regeneration was founded by Nuno e Maria in 2010. Since its beginning, we developed architectural projects in different areas, such as equipment’s, housing and competitions. Along with that we produce architectural visualisations. Since then, we’ve being working with several architectural studios around the world, trying to bring to life, unbuilt projects.

Architecture it’s our big passion, so for us, working on architectural visualisations is simple wonderful, because we can go deep on each project in a special way and be part (in a sense) of the architectural team itself All the work that is developed by and at, is based on a continuous reflection of all the involved parts in the project.

Our experience in the architecture field and construction gave us the flexibility to understand all the processes between Architecture, Design and the                                               3D digital process. When we produce architectural visualisations, we are not only, making simple images, but also, we are creating feelings;                                                               sensations and emotions … not only to our clients (architects) but also for those who will live in these spaces…



Competition Officially Announced – 01 March 2022

Early registration – 01 March 2022 to 01 May 2022

Regular Competition Registration – 02 May 2022 to 30 May 2022

Late Competition Registration – 01 June 2022 to 15 June 2022

Deadline for questions – 07 June 2022

Closing Date for Submissions – 16 June 2022

Jury Evaluation – 17 June 2022 – 07 July 2022

Announcement of Winners – 15 July 2022

All dates (23:59 hours US Eastern Time)


Submission Requirements

  • A single (1) A2 horizontal presentation board with the details listed below must be submitted via
  • Image Format: A single JPG extension file presentation board (must not exceed 5MB).
  • Presentation boards must not indicate any information related to an individual’s/team’s identity.
  • All information provided in writing must be in English.

Although is not mandatory, you can record or photograph your work environment during the proposal development stage. In case you will be one of the winners, we would be happy to share it in our platform.


Award Criteria

  • Composition – 20%
  • Communication– 20%
  • Innovation / Originality – 20%
  • Aesthetics – 20%
  • Significance – 20%