Tri.štrnásť architekti

Tri.Štrnásť architekti, Czech Republic -

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1 – What is your office’s experience with architecture competitions? Is it something that you do on a regular basis? What are your motivations?

Our office is based on architecture competitions. Every year we participate in about 3-6 of them. For us it is always very refreshing to compete, it creates a pressure to stay focused and informed.

2 – And about architecture ideas competitions, where most of the times, it’s not about getting a commission for a something to be built?

Nowadays, we participate much less in these types of competitions than we used to when were students. On ideas competitions you can work with totally open mind, you can freely show your crazy ideas and it is definitely very joyful, on the other hand we have to pay salaries and bills. The prize money in these competitions is usually not very good, and you can´t have hope to cover expenses in the later project phase.

3-Do you think that is a challenge for architecture students or recent graduates only?

Competitions are definitely the best way for young architects to show what they are capable of. It is a free platform where you can be compared with renowned architecture studios. Our company started thanks to our winning proposal; therefore, we can only recommend it.