Šťastný Pavel

Šťastný Pavel Architekt, Czech Republic -

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1 – What is your office’s experience with architecture competitions? Is it something that you do on a regular basis? What are your motivations?

Every competition is a good possibility to work on something new, it is a new challenge for our team to learn new typologies. In our studio, we prefer invited competitions rather than absolutely open.

Definitely, our motivation is to be better than the others.

2 – And about architecture ideas competitions, where most of the times, it’s not about getting a commission for a something to be built?

Architecture ideas competitions can be great because you can work on more utopist themes which are not limited by possible commission and realization.

3-Do you think that is a challenge for architecture students or recent graduates only?

I think that it is challenging for both. During my studies, I have successfully participated in architectural competitions for architecture professionals. I have been awarded by honoured prizes in Europan 9 when I was in 4th class studies.